I’ll build your
bespoke website

Ing. Dušan Zvonár

bespoke website

I’ll turn your graphic design into a functioning website. With precision and exactly according to your specs. It will be in tune with the latest trends and it will meet the requirements of our current times.

High-quality bespoke website
WordPress — easy to maintain

WordPress —
easy to maintain

I build websites on the renowned WordPress platform. The most widely used tool for website maintenance which powers 35 % of the world’s websites.

Website maintenance and other services

I’m also happy to help with web maintenance and repairs. Furthermore, I can recommend professional graphic designers and copywriters.

Website maintenance and other services



If you're looking for a programmer, look for somebody like Dušan. NOT Dušan though, he is mine.

Somebody who is totally the best programmer, like Dušan, for instance, meets deadlines. He looks at the brief from your business' standpoint in order to make everything functional and efficient. He's not afraid to guide me if something does not work and that's exactly what you need if you're not a coding expert. Usually though everything works, which is not something I had known before meeting Dušan. Like, pick somebody else so Dušan has only time for me, but if you're looking for a programmer, do look for somebody like Dušan.

Michal Souček, QARA s.r.o.

During my career in marketing and sales I have ran, or have participated in, a great deal of projects that involved working with web developers.

After going freelance in 2019, I made my "little" dream come true and I had a personal website built for me.

I got in touch with several programmers and thought back on collaborations to-date. In the end, I decided to go with Dušan Zvonár and, honestly, it was the best thing I could have done. Dušan is very rigorous, easy to understand, and he always delivers work of the highest quality. If you're looking for smooth and perfect job then you're in the right hands.

Juraj Sutoris, speaker and entrepreneur

Dušan is our go-to developer for all things WordPress. He has great communication skills and he responds promptly. He has built several websites and plugins for us. I highly recommend him (and hope he still wants to work for me).

Amos Struck, Stock Photo Press

A very pleasant experience. After the first mutual project, thanks to his creativity, professionality, but also thanks to his ability to immediately sort things out pertinently, he was a clear choice for me also for my own website. He's a programmer who, even after many years, still has the drive to program and thus inspire everyone around him.

Michal Navrátil

I'd describe working with Dušan with these key words: Understanding, precision, function. Dušan has always approached my requirements well and he's often given me relevant feedback, thus preventing going into blind alleys. Amends have always met my needs and everything has always functioned well. I am grateful for Dušan’s helpfulness and brilliantly finished work and I look forward to working with him again.

Honza Studený

Why me?

I simply love my job! To me every website poses a new challenge that I enjoy tackling. I approach all my work responsibly – with verve and dedication.

I meet deadlines

I meet

Before the work starts, we agree on a deadline meeting which will become my top priority.

More than 10 years of experience

15+ years of experience

I have more than 15 years’ worth of experience with website creation. During this time, I have built many amazing websites.

I make websites from A to Z

I make websites
from A to Z

That is, from scratch. Your website won’t contain any redundant code which would slow it down.

Responsive website included

website included

Your website will be, of course, responsive. That means that it will be able to adjust to the screen resolution of any device (tablet, phone…).

Long-term support

Long-term support

After the website is built, our work together is not done. If you ever need help with anything, changes to be made, or functionalities to be added, I will be always available to you.



We’ll clearly define the price beforehand and it will remain the same. No price increases during development.



I’ll advise you on how to maintain your web, write articles, amend pages, fill in SEO descriptions etc.

Further assistance

Further assistance

I’ll also help you with choosing a hosting, domain registration, setting up a mailbox etc.

Get a modern website. Easily.

How does it work?

I follow tried and tested approaches which I constantly innovate so you always get a quality result which will serve you for years.

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Get in touch

We’ll discuss your requirements and find the best solution. I’ll also try to estimate an approximate cost of your website.


Supplying of graphic materials

In the next step I will need a graphic design from you which you want to transform into a functional website. If you don’t have a designer then I can recommend a capable colleague with a great feel for UX.


Establishing price and deadline

Using your graphical design, I will estimate the price and the date of delivery of your finished website.


Coding and programming

I’ll program and code your supplied design in WordPress which I’ll place on a private domain.


Test phase

I’ll test the website, we’ll go through it together with a graphic designer and then I’ll give you access so you can get to know the system.


Delivery of a finished website

As soon as the web is ready and tested, I will transfer it to your hosting.

In case you don’t have a hosting or you don’t know which one to choose, I’ll be happy to help.


Further collaboration?

I’ll gladly assist with related aspects of your website or recommend experienced professionals.

Do you no feel like maintaining your website? No worries, I can take care of it long-term. Leave it up to me.

Get in touch